Member Spotlight: Liz Gomez

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Each month we’ll be highlighting a member of the Contemporary Club of Ho-Ho-Kus through a member profile here in the Blog section of our website.  These posts allow us to learn more about the women who comprise our club, providing a snapshot of their interests, family and life. You may discover that you worked at the same company or that you love the same restaurant for date night.  Enjoy!

Meet Liz Gomez and her family

Meet Liz Gomez and her family

1.  What is/was your profession?

I work in Finance at American Express. I like to call it indentured servitude – I work at Amex to pay my Amex. The worst thing you could possibly say to me is “we don’t take American Express”. If you do, you’re guaranteed to get a lecture in credit card economics.


2.  What made you decide to join the Contemporary Club? What has your favorite part been thus far?

I’m a joiner. If there’s a club to join, I’m in! Just kidding… Sort of. In all seriousness, when my husband and I moved here we didn’t have any kids so there was no “natural” way to meet people, the CC was a great way to make some new friends and get involved.  My favorite part so far has been the social nights – Progressive Dinner and St. Paddy’s Day parties, etc. are a fun night out and there’s always someone new to meet!


3.  How do you like living in HHK? Where did you live previously?

We moved here in 2012 after living in Brooklyn and Manhattan for a decade. We love the fact that we can walk basically everywhere we need to go in town. It’s something we loved about the city and happy to have it here.


4.  What is/are your favorite local restaurant(s) for dining: a. with your family  b. for date night/girls night out?

A. My husband is really excited about the prospect of taking our 4 month old son to Kiku, the hibachi place in Paramus. I had to explain to him that babies go from bottles to purées, not from bottles to catching broccoli in their mouths. But then again we do have the most advanced child you’ve ever met.
B. The Saddle River Inn is really lovely. I like the cozy farmhouse feel and the food is good! 


5.  What are you most looking forward to this Spring?

Leaving my house!!!!! I was on maternity leave from October to February and have never felt so cooped up in my entire life. Really looking forward to lots of walks around HHK and hanging out in our backyard. We have a really tiny back yard but it’s really perfect for just having a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at night.


6. Tell us 2 Truths and 1 Lie about Yourself…

Spanish was my first language
I lived in Amsterdam
I ran a marathon


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