2016-2017 Committee Information
Below is a description of each of the committees for the 2016-2017 scheduled activities. We have also included those who have volunteered to plan and coordinate each activity (Committee Members) and those who will be volunteers to help on activity day.

*Please keep in mind that if you signed up to be either a committee member or a volunteer, you must be available on that date to work the event.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for an open slot, please contact Laurie Holden at

FALL KICK-OFF GARDEN PARTY – The Fall Kick-Off Garden Party kicks off our new year! Ideally you should be in town/available in August to get preparations made to plan this event. It is generally held at a member’s home (in the afternoon) and you would be coordinating Evite invitation, set up, food, etc. It’s a small committee of 2-3 people and a great one for individuals who would like to fulfill their volunteer responsibilities in the early part of the year. Planning should begin in June/July to secure a host home.

1. Vanessa Lambrix
2. Kathy Kennedy
3. Heather Harris

1. Julie Morris
2. Sheri Ash
3. Anna Wilson
4. Jen Smith
5. Rina Katsanos

RICHARD’S RUN HHK 5K – Richard’s Run HHK5K is one of our largest fundraisers, currently benefiting two cancer organizations – Go4theGoal and Emmanuel Cancer Foundation. It is a fantastic means to contribute in a significant way to a super fun, incredible event. Much of the work is completed over the summer but you can expect to be busy, especially in September, gearing up for this terrific event. This is a great committee for meeting new people and really getting involved.

1. Kathy Kennedy
2. Jill Catanzaro
3. Aja Rosazza
4. Jill Morelli
5. Melissa Garrick

PROGRESSIVE DINNER– The Progressive Dinner is a committee that begins to meet in early September to start planning one of the club’s favorite events. The committee works together to select ‘host houses’ for the event, create invitations, choose food/alcohol & plan a great night for club members to enjoy. It’s another great one if you like event planning and would enjoy having your volunteer efforts completed early in the year.

1. Kristin Fox
2. Erin Butler
3. Sibley Ruggles

HALLOWEEN PARTY (AND/OR PARADE) – This event is generally held in the morning and is a great way to get involved with the kids in town. In years past it included a parade and always ends up back at the school for spooky festivities. Much of the planning is in September and October. A committee of 3-4 people, and a very fun event to be a part of, and no, you do not have to dress up in a Halloween costume.

1. Alyson Sugar
2. Anna Wilson
3. Tatiana Litvinenko

4. Marie Rackiewicz

1. Shannon Blanz
2. Lisa Massaro
3. Linda Pordon
4. Vanessa Lambrix

PJs AND HOLIDAY MOVIE – This event takes place in December with planning beginning in October/November. It’s a committee of 4-6 people which makes planning a lot of fun! Working together you will coordinate decorations, press, food, entertainment and a fun day for the children in Ho-Ho-Kus.

1. Aja Rosazza
2. Jill Morelli
3. Tracy Coombs
4. Jennifer Smith

1. Erin Everett
2. Manal Cavanaugh
3. Alyson Sugar
4. Terese Hessle
5. Ashley Lamm
6. Kristen Ronan

SWEETHEART DANCE: This event takes place in early February with planning beginning in December.  The committee will be responsible for planning a fun and festive parent/child dance.

1. Tristen Comey
2. Tara Mamone
3. Sarah Neydon

Set-Up (2:00-5:30)
1. Katie Capuano
2. Shannon Talericio
3. Stacey Reddy
4. Ashley Costello

During Event (5:30-8:30)
1. Jennie Stam
2. Kerry Giblin
3. Jennifer Foy
4. Christine Steidel

Clean-up (Begin at 8:30)
1. Laura Rager
2. Tracy Coombs
3. Laurie Holden

SPRING SOCIAL NIGHT – The committee is responsible for organizing a fun night out for our members and spouses to enjoy. I would recommend this to someone who wants to rally the troops for a fun social night! 1 to 2 people can plan this event.

1. Melissa Garrick
2. Lauren Rosato

1.  Karen Gartman

EASTER PARTY & EGG HUNT – More fun with the little ones! On this committee, you will help to organize an Easter Egg Hunt and a party on a Saturday morning! It is one of our larger committees (4-6 people). The committee will begin their work in January and it’s a fun way to work with a group on one of our most fun events for the kids.

1. Shannon Blanz
2. Karen Gartman
3. Erin Everett
4. Manal Cavanaugh

1. Holly Durrett
2. Erin Butler
3. Sibley Ruggles
4. Heather Harris
5. Lauren Battle
6. Nicole Garcia
7. Jackie Derr

SCHOLARSHIP – Work with the Scholarship Chair during the months of April and May to interview and select the recipients of our scholarship money.

1. Jill Catanzaro
2. Laura Rager

3. Nancy Fiore

PRESCHOOL PLAYDATE – This is an ongoing commitment throughout the year. This person or committee coordinates activities and play-dates for the younger kids and their parent or caregiver. Past events include pumpkin-picking, family yoga, Jumpin Jax and Breakfast with Binkies.

1. Annabelle Petriella
2. Jennie Stam
3. Melissa Garrick

STORAGE ADMINISTRATOR – This is an ongoing position through the year. As the storage coordinator, you will coordinate access for Committee Chairs to our club’s storage facility. A one person job that requires you to keep track of items stored and work with committee chairs to provide access to storage unit as needed.

Member: Holly Durrett

DIRECTORY – This committee updates the Club directory in the fall and distributes it to club members at the December General Meeting. As the Directory Committee, you will make sure the member contact information is up-to-date and work with and outside vendor to publish hard copy directories. You will alo determine how many directories should be distributed to membership.


  1. Julie Morris