CC of HHK Member Spotlight: Annabelle Petriella

October 8, 2013By 1 Comment

Each month we’ll be highlighting a member of the Contemporary Club of Ho-Ho-Kus through a member profile here in the Blog section of our website.  These posts allow us to learn more about the women who comprise our club, providing a snapshot of their interests, family and life. You may discover that you worked at the same company or that you love the same restaurant for date night. Or you may be stumped by the “Two Truths and a Lie” final question. Enjoy!

Meet Annabelle

Meet Annabelle

1. What is/was your profession? I have a background in residential Interior Design and have a design staffing company that provides private label design services for home furnishings retailers.

2. What made you decide to join the Contemporary Club? What has your favorite part been thus far? Before we even closed on our home, I met Lauren Lynch (who’s home we bought) and she raved about the club.  I have loved meeting both old and new members and look forward to being involved in all of the fun events throughout the year!

3. How do you like living in HHK? Where did you live previously? Love it!  We moved here from Manhattan so I love that HHK has such a town feel and is very walking friendly.  Everyone has been so warm and inviting, it seems like a wonderful community so far!

4. What is/are your favorite local restaurant(s) for dining: a. with the kids  b. for date night/girls night out? We haven’t tried too many yet but we loved Savini and Saddle River Inn for date night.  So far, our son has only been to Matthew’s Diner and Allendale Bar and Grill and both worked fine for him!

5. Halloween is coming — have you stocked up on your candy? What will you be giving out to Trick-or-Treaters? What will your children be for Halloween? Our son is going to be dressed as Curious George (one of his favorites) and we are so excited to have trick or treaters for the first time ever!  I think he’ll like handing out candy and seeing our visitors’ costumes as much as he will like visiting other houses.

6. Please tell us Two Truths and One Lie about yourself….

I was born in Germany

I have my pilot’s license

I once helped to deliver a baby horse

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  1. Jodi Thompson Jodi Thompson says:

    My guess is you have your pilot’s license as the lie. Am I right?

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