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League Of Legends Funko Pop FULL SET

I am a collector looking to get rid of most of my collection. This is a very rare and partly exclusive set of Funko POPs, especially with the release of Netflix’s Arcane.

Most of these POPs are in perfect condition, but some have a couple of minor wear and tear from being an older collection, nothing too bad. I would post more images, but Mercari does not allow more than 12, so if you have a specific question, feel free to ask!

All of these POPs come with a free protector to keep them safe. Will ship quickly, and with care. This comes from a pet/smoke FREE home.

Let me know if you have any questions!

You will receive:
- Amumu (1) [GameStop Exclusive]
- Ashe (2)
- Lee Sin (3)
- Braum (4)
- Jinx (5) [From Arcane]
- Vi (6) [From Arcane]
- Thresh (7)
- DJ Sona: Concussive (8) [League of Legends Exclusive]
- Miss Fortune (9) [GameStop Exclusive]

League of Legends
Funko Pops

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