Retro Boho Mosaic Mother of Pearl Abalone Shell Drop Pierced Dangle Earrings best offer


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Perfect one-of-a-kind earrings for Spring & Summer!

These are crafted from colorful pieces of abalone shell. They are arranged and set on a drop cut polished silver back.

Drop shaped shells measure 1.75x1 inch, with a 1-inch drop from the top of ear wire to the metal O-ring securing them. This equates to a 2.75-inch total length from the top of the ear wire down to bottom of shell drop earring.

Each earring is unique with opposite matching pattern. Which means you can where them two ways, white piece on the inside or the outside.

Each shell piece has great color and radiate beautiful iridescent tones.

The shells are secured and arranged with a perfect bevel, finished with a smooth clear gloss.

They feel smooth hand have great shape in the hand.

Both earrings are in perfect condition.

Very sturdy, with a bit of weight from the metal.

Very nice, fashionable pieces that would go great with any style.

Unsigned, but these pieces of art have history and are handcrafted.

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